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Paul Krugman, You Are a Coward

This column is in response to a post by Mr. Paul Krugman  of the New York Times on his blog page “Conscience of a Liberal” of 9/11/2011.  A link to his column is provided here: 


Actually, Mr. Krugman, it IS just you. In your latest column you describe America’s response to 9/11 as “deeply shameful”. I think you are projecting.

You say that the atrocity of 9/11 should have been a unifying event.  In fact, it was – and that’s what bugs you, isn’t it? Because it led to a renewal of patriotism, love of country, and an appreciation for our military and for the sacrifices they make each day to protect this great nation. Thank God America doesn’t have to rely on people like you to protect our freedoms and personal liberty.

It really bugged you when so many Americans stood behind President Bush and Mayor Giuliani, didn’t it? They were, of course, your political enemies then as they are now, and it was their leadership that you found so unbearable, wasn’t it? (Full disclosure: I did not vote for Bush in either 2000 or 2004.) You say George W. Bush “raced to cash in on the horror?” Consider that maybe, just maybe, he was acting forcefully as the President of a nation under attack. Question for you: Did Barack Obama “race to cash in” on the killing of Osama Bin Laden in his address to the nation less than 24 hours later with more than a dozen references to his own role in ordering the killing? Is his administration “cashing in” on that hit by giving unprecedented access to America’s intelligence services to the Hollywood group that is creating a film of this event, to be released on October 12, 2012, just in time for the presidential election? (Full disclosure: I worked in the motion picture industry for several years and it is unheard of for a release date to be determined more than a year in advance of any film.)

Mr. Krugman, you state that the memory of 9/11 has been irrevocably poisoned. You speak entirely for yourself.  For me, 9/11 is and always will be a harsh reminder that the freedoms we enjoy in our great country are not free of cost, neither are they permanently assured. It is a reminder that Thomas Jefferson was correct in stating “The tree of  liberty must be watered periodically by the blood of tyrants and patriots alike.”

9/11 may be an occasion of shame for you, as you said. For me it is a time to remember Dwight Darcy, Brendan Buchanon, Mike Armstrong, and the twelve people from the high school I attended who were murdered on that day.  The only shame I feel is the shame that they all had to die so young.

In your columns over the years, you often consider the world in terms of victims and oppressors. I have 2,966 victims for you to consider – the innocent victims of a Muslim ideology that has been corrupted into a maniacal and nihilistic agent of violence and antediluvian self-delusion.

I wouldn’t have bothered to devote an entire blog entry to your misguided and hateful opinions, but by not allowing any comments to them on your website, you left me no choice.

Former President Bush said yesterday that 9/11 taught us that “evil is real and so is courage.” In your column today (and especially by locking out comments on what you said) you showed us all that you certainly lack the latter.