Taking the Lawlessness into Their Own Hands

Once upon a time in American history, we had a President whom many accused of being a racist. He took Supreme Court rulings as mere suggestions, he wanted to separate entire groups of people from American Society at large. From the very moment of his Inauguration that scandalized Washington, D.C., he faced rebellion from many parts of the political establishment.

Some other politicians even went so far as to declare that their areas of the country would not abide by laws passed by Congress. They claimed the right to decide which laws, especially those about outcast peoples, would be obeyed and which ignored.

chicagoIt didn’t work out very well. In fact, it led us into civil war.

“It is the right of a State to interpose, in the last resort, in order to arrest an unconstitutional act of the General Government, within its limits.”

Those are the words of John C. Calhoun, segregationist Senator from South Carolina, in 1832. The ultimate conflict brought about in part by his assertion led to devastation in his state and throughout the states of the Confederacy. His utterance sparked what was called the Nullification Controversy, in which various jurisdictions claimed the ultimate right to negate rulings by the federal government and the Supreme Court.

copThis is Corporal Ronil Singh, 33 years old, celebrating Christmas with his young wife and child five hours before he was shot and killed on duty while making a traffic stop of a pickup without license plates driven by this man:


This man is known to local police and CNN is reporting that he is in this country illegally. Given the sad state of affairs in California, one has to ask whether the Governor will order state police to assist or obstruct in the apprehension of the alleged killer.

The irony here is that the dead officer was born in Fiji and came to this country with the expressed desire to be a cop. He was a legal immigrant who observed the laws concerning immigration and naturalization. He did things the right way.

The issue is not whether or not the U.S. should allow immigration into our country. Demographics and economics require that we do. The issue is whether or not we are a sovereign nation of laws, or an “open space” where even elected officials feel free to decide whether or not laws are to be obeyed, the same destructive notion behind those who claim open borders or a universal right to migrate to any nation on earth that one pleases.

Are you listening Pope Francis? Maybe tomorrow when you say Mass, you will remember Corporal Ronil Singh and pray for the repose of his soul. And maybe our elected officials will remember that they were elected to enforce our laws, not disregard them, like Senator Calhoun did in 1832.


UPDATE: 12/28 12 p.m. MST:

Police have confirmed that the suspect is now in custody. He is reportedly a member of Surenos, a Mexican gang engaged in murder-for-hire and  human smuggling. Surenos hold allegiance to other violent Mexican street gangs and to the “Mexican Mafia”, a group that operates out of California prisons.



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