Exercise in Idiocy – Part 1


Guess what? Trump is a racist, according to the Washington Post. Why? Because he has awarded the American Medal of Freedom to the late Elvis Presley. Right, a young boy born to poverty-stricken tenant farmer parents in Mississippi, who grew up in a two-room wooden shack, whose father spent a year in jail for forging a $15 check, and a young man who overcame the poverty of his upbringing to become one of the most recognizable Americans in the world, who obliterated racial barriers in our popular music scene, singing in a style he learned at black churches and black night clubs, who exposed all Americans to the music of Big Boy Crudup, Junior Parker, Arthur Gunter, Roy Brown, Smiley Lewis, Big Joe Turner, Big Mama Thornton (and made it possible for their music to crossover and redefine American culture), whose favorite singers were Jackie Wilson and Roy Hamilton. Guess this all makes Bill Clinton a racist, too. He was, after all, President when the Elvis stamp was issued in 1993. What pisses me off the most is that music has been and continues to be one area of American life and culture that brings the people of this nation together. Does anyone really care whether the singer of a song you love is black, white, red, or yellow? We can thank Elvis for that. The Washington Post can go to hell.

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