Much Ado About Nothing?

Yesterday was the four billion dollar ZERO. Both campaigns spent that amount, trying to convince the American people that their party, their candidates were somehow uniquely qualified to lead our country out of the current malaise. It changed nothing.


The next few days, weeks — hell, the next few months —  will unfortunately be filled with post mortems, dissecting the election in nauseating detail. Statistical analysis of voting patterns will provide fodder for columnists, analysts, bloggers, and political junkies.

But the one number that jumps out at me is this: 14,000,000.That’s how many Americans who voted in 2008 stayed home yesterday. And no, it wasn’t Storm Sandy, this drop-off in participation was nationwide.

Think about it for a minute. Fourteen million Americans basically checked out of the game. Fourteen million people are no longer playing. I guess they are the electoral equivalent of the millions of Americans who have stopped looking for work. It would figure.

So tell me, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, John Boehner – what exactly are you celebrating today? We have a lot of deep problems in this country right now. But I have one important question for you all:

How do you get people to believe, once they have lost their faith?

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